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Salons, congresses and trade events

Your business destination

Give your professional events a boost by stopping over at La Rochelle!

Anchored to the Atlantic coast and blessed with a prestigious heritage, La Rochelle has a well-earned reputation as a dynamic and innovative city which each year caters for salons for trade and general public, and national and international congresses.

La Rochelle has various facilities for your trade events.

La Rochelle - Espace Encan

The Espace Encan is the former fish market which borders the Large Yachts Dock. This congress centre is situated right in the city centre, and 5mn on foot from the TGV rail station. Completely converted and renovated, this centre has since 2004 provided an effective facility for all types of event from 20 to 200 persons with its adaptable area of 10,000 m2.

It consists of: 2 exhibition halls of 500 and 800 m2, a large adaptable hall of 3,000 m2 opening onto the dock and the towers of La Rochelle, 9 fully equipped committee rooms and an 800 place auditorium.

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La Rochelle –  The Forum des Pertuis

The Forum des Pertuis in the heart of the marina at Les Minimes, the Forum des Pertuis enjoys a view out to sea and can house all sizes of event between 150 to 500 persons on 2,000 m2 of space.

It consists of an adaptable entrance and exhibition hall of 350 to 560 m2, and 8 equipped committee rooms, a canteen with a view out to sea and an amphitheatre with 450 places.

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La Rochelle exhibition park

It belongs to the City and is run by the La Rochelle Committee for Fêtes, Fairs and Salons de La Rochelle. Each year it organises three local events for the city in addition to the events of its own choosing: the ball for the election of Miss La Rochelle, the Cavalcade and the fireworks for the 14th July.

The exhibition park includes three buildings:

  • The first with an area of 5,400 m2 which can be turned into a room for live shows for up to 5,000 or 6,000 persons,
  • The second has an area of 3,100 m2,
  • The third has an area of 2,300 m2, with 5 adjoining rooms of 50 m2 each and 2 of 100 m2 each.

Its size allows the park to put on all types of event: salons, live shows, concerts or large sporting events which need a large space. For all these activities, the park will either handle the organisation or hire its services to third parties.

Tel. +33 (0)5 46 30 08 53 -

Other venues for receptions and meetings

Other venues are also available for organising your reunions and receptions in La Rochelle: download the list (list of sites of France Congrès)

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