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Tourism and Handicap

Accessibility of the beaches

Beach installations and facilities for persons with reduced mobility

The beaches of Les Minimes and La Concurrence have prepared access routes for getting to the beach and the sea.
The beaches of Les Minimes and La Concurrence each have a "hippocampe" type wheelchair and a "tiralo" type.
The "tiralo" is a wheelchair designed to allow handicapped people to get in the water, with the help of a second person.
The "hippocampe" is an all-terrain wheelchair that can be used completely unaided at the seaside and in the water.
These wheelchairs are available on request at the lifeguard stations.

Facilities for the visually impaired
The Minimes beach is equipped with an "audio-beach system" which allows persons with impaired or no vision to bathe unassisted. This guiding device combines audio signposts and an electronic bracelet.

"Tourism & Handicap" Listing

To meet the needs of persons with handicaps, the City of La Rochelle is engaged in an approach combining quality reception, accessibility and information.

Thanks to the establishment of a national "Tourism & Handicap" listing, developed by the Ministry concerned with tourism, special needs clientele has access to reliable information concerning the accessibility of the places, whatever their impairment may be (motor, visual, hearing, mental).

In April 2007, the City of La Rochelle obtained a "Tourism & Handicap" listing for the "mental handicap" provision. The application for the other types of handicaps has been made and is under review.
The facilities installed on the beach of Les Minimes were awarded the "Welcome Star" prize in 2006.

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