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Welcome to all newcomers

Do you know AVF, Accueil des Villes Françaises ?

You have just moved to La Rochelle or the surrounding region, and you are starting out on a new life. You are going to have to get to know the area and make some new contacts. With just a few more boxes to unpack, you will be settled into your new home. Now is the time to start thinking about socialising and making new friends. At AVF-La Rochelle there are lots of activities and opportunities to do just that. Our Team of volunteers are at the ready just waiting to welcome and assist you.

Every Tuesday, from 10-12 a.m., AVF is waiting you at “Quai 22”, a bar on the “Vieux Port” and our volunteers  will give you the practical information you need for yourself or your family during these friendly moments. You’ll just have to order a coffee or a drink.

On Saturday morning, from 10 -12  a.m.,  our new group “Soir et Week-end” welcomes you for the “P’tit Café” at our place, and will suggest several activities for evenings and  week-ends,especially if you are not free during the week.
So get in touch with us, don’t delay !


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