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Social action

The city reasserts its commitment to all its people so that no-one is left by the wayside.

The new mandate which has just begun is built on the idea of solidarity: a new hostel for people in great difficulty and the creation of an old people's home at Port-Neuf for victims of Alzheimer's disease. For the smallest ones, two new ecologically designed will be built, one at La Pallice, the other near the school of the Bois des Protestants to replace the one in the Champ de Mars. A new kindergarten will also be built at Les Minimes.

The La Maison de l’emploi (Job House) will offer a one-stop office at Bel-Air, in completely renovated buildings for advice and assistance of jobseekers and salaried workers seeking training.

Lastly, the people's peace of mind will not be neglected with road safety a priority. Accident black spots will be made safer, school exits will continue to be made safer and "Street Code" will encourage the people of La Rochelle to adopt exemplary behaviour, prudent and respectful.


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